In 1979, at the Tashkent State Medical Institute was organized by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at subordinature. Department organized and headed the disciples and followers of a brilliant scientist, clinician, teacher, Honored Scientist of the Uzbek SSR, Professor AA Kogan: Head of Department, MD AS Morduhovich, associate professors JK Jabbarova, AB Pogorelova, TE Tulyaganov, MN Musabekova.

Prof. A.S. Mordukhovich
Prof. A.S. Mordukhovich

The Head of department MD prof. AS Mordukhovich – author of 116 scientific publications, including monographs ” Pregnancy and childbirth while isoimmunization ” ( 1979), ” Premature detachment of placenta ” (1989 ) , “The relationship of mother and fetus with iron deficiency anemia ” (1991) . Classes with students, first , conducted on the bases of the four maternity and gynecological clinic in TSMI # 2 . More joyous event in the life of the department was opened in 1981 obstetric clinics with 250 beds. It is possible to concentrate the educational process at the main base, to provide students and clinical resident’s subordinator’s thematic selection of patients and created the conditions for more intensive, in-depth research. Difficulties organizing new members of the department of clinical base overcame in a friendly, intimate contact with the clinic doctors, many of whom came to work immediately after graduation. The clinic formed their medical thinking, developed the art of diagnosis, treatment options, management of delivery. At the same time mastered the technique of obstetric and gynecological operations. Subsequently, many of them have become highly qualified doctors, heads of departments, maternity units.

The Department received training many doctors’ maternity homes. One can say that the department and the clinic became a “blacksmith” of training for obstetric institutions of the republic.

Clinic, immediately after the formation, became the Republican Center for hospitalization of pregnant women and mothers with extragenital pathology, complications of pregnancy and childbirth, as well as uterine scar after cesarean section. Employees of the department and clinics have been actively involved in monitoring and surgical treatment of pregnant women with acute renal failure, peritonitis, entering the Kidney Center of maternity Republic.

The main direction of educational and pedagogical work of the department was the formation of a qualified specialist obstetrician- gynecologist. For this purpose, carried out extensive educational and methodical work: 20 published teaching materials for students of medical faculty and subordinators classes on topics: «Late toxicities “, ” Pregnancy and childbirth in extragenital diseases “, ” Obstetric bleeding “, ” Operative Obstetrics “

«Pathology pregnant “, ” Practical training in neonatology “, ” Women’s Consultation , Part 1 and Part 2 “, ” Gynecological Diseases .”

A.S.Morduhovich much attention was given to improving skills of teachers. For each teacher manuals were prepared: Physiological obstetrics, Pathological Obstetrics, Gynecology, manual for teachers of obstetrics and gynecology for lessons with Subordinators . At the department there was a young school teacher, regularly discussed open lectures and workshops that stimulated assistants continuously work on improving knowledge. The main scientific direction of the department was to study the preparatory period for childbirth, complications of pregnancy, childbirth and newborn status in women with chronic pyelonephritis, anemia, late toxicosis, as well as having a scar on the uterus after cesarean section .

First in the country in 1982 on the proposal of A.S.Morduhovich was organized and approved day hospital for pregnant women suffering from anemia.

Among the scientific achievements should also mention the new method for the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in newborns with Rh immunization conflict pregnancy with benzonalum developed by DK Nazhmutdinova. Professor A.S.Morduhovich prepared 19 candidates and 5 Phd.

In 1990 the headed Department Professor JK Jabbarova . Scientific direction of the department was to develop tactics of pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period, with iron-deficiency anemia , studied the state of the immune system in the dynamics of physiological pregnancy complicated by anemia , preeclampsia , when combined with heart defects . Professor Yu.K.Dzhabbarova prepared Phd 2 and 9 candidates.

Developed and proposed ways of prevention and treatment of septic foci of infection in pregnant women, the role of immunodeficiency in the genesis of female infertility.  First published textbook ” Akusherlik ” for medical students , textbook , ” Akusherlik Part 1 “, 4 monographs, three collections of scientific works. Established international scientific collaboration with immunologists of Czechoslovakia,  France , as well as Illinois University United States on the issue of resuscitation and neonatal intensive care , started cooperation on contraception .

In 1991 organized by the Department of the medical faculty № 1 (Head of Department  professor Jabbarova YK ), Department of number 2 (Head – prof. A.B. Pogorelova ) and department number 3 sanitary faculty ( the head prof . TE Tulyaganov ) .

Since 1994, the two departments of the medical faculty reunited into one led by Professor A.B.Pogorelova. Scientific and practical activity of the department been made up for several directions: the reorganization of maternity hospitals and obstetrics service reform in order to improve the quality of care for pregnant women, women in labor and childbirth , to develop criteria for preclinical diagnosis, prevention and treatment of intrauterine fetal infection , pre-hospital interventions to improve surveillance , prenatal preparation pregnant high-risk groups , to improve the health of women of childbearing age is pregnancy and prevention of disability. Significant place in scientific research staff of the department dealing with the problem of medical rehabilitation of women who have had abnormal childbirth and surgery on the uterus. In this area there were defended 6 theses .

During the period of the department at the clinic 2- Tashkent State Medical Institute reorganized National Center for recovery and rehabilitation of women at high risk, is an educational , scientific, medical and methodological center for specialized care for pregnant women with extragenital diseases . Employees of the Department carried out extensive work in partnership activities through the American International Health Alliance with the University of Illinois at Chicago.

In 1996, in connection with the reform of the Higher School organized by the Department of Obstetrics – Gynecology for the preparation of a general practitioner for students of 6-7 courses ( head of department prof . D.K.Nazhmutdinova ) , which merged in 1998, the department of medical and hygienic – medical prophylaxis faculty and it was headed by prof. DK Nazhmutdinova . The main scientific direction of the department is to optimize diagnostic and therapeutic measures for reproductive health of mother , prenatal care in pregnancy different extragenital diseases.

Professor D.K.Nazhmutdinova prepared 4 doctors and 15 candidates of medical sciences and 4 monographs, 152 scientific and methodical work.

At the department attention is paid to improving pedagogical skills. All members of the department are trained clinical skills teaching methods based on the achievement of competence and clinical instructors are of international importance. Education students are held exclusively by the principle of interactive learning with the inclusion of new technologies.

Since 2000, the department began training residents and masters prepared obstetrician – gynecologists.

The department works closely with organizations – JHPIEGO, ZdravPlus , HOPE , Rrime II and the department staff trained more than 4,000 health care providers at the rate of the Republic of Uzbekistan ” Reproductive health , modern contraceptive technology and consulting basis .” Trained more than 200 clinical faculty obstetrician – gynecologists (1998-2003), 10 candidates in clinical senior coach and 2 senior clinical lecturer of international class.

Since the establishment of the Department (1979) staff does a great job assistance to practical health. Their analyzes were performed on maternal and perinatal mortality, consilliums and conferences on topical issues in various areas of obstetrics republic mentoring  Djizzak , Khorezm, Syrdarya, Tashkent and Fergana. In antenatal introduced by the high-risk surgeries for observing pregnant women with extragenital diseases and complications during a previous pregnancy and childbirth, the program exits and Ecosan, emergency medical aviation, lectures and clinical conferences helped to reduce complications of gestational age infant and maternal mortality , improve professional skills practitioners , health outcomes.

Summarizing 31 years of overseas work of the department becomes apparent that work started in 1979, continues to improve and grow, attracting new and young staff.

Conducted educational – methodical, scientific, educational and medical work still occupies one of the leading areas in the country.