Clinical work

The main directions of the medical activity of the Republican specialized educational and medical institution are to provide inpatient, outpatient, and qualified assistance to the population. The Tashkent Medical Academy is the training base for the training of general practitioners. All types of antenatal, perinatal, gynecological services, including preventive examination, detection of all antenatal, perinatal pathologies at early stages and provision of diagnostic and therapeutic care are assigned to the obstetric-gynecological complex. Practical classes are conducted for students, masters, clinical residents of TMA and Medical College. Obstetric care is provided to pregnant women with a history of premature births, up to 34 weeks of pragnancy, severe extragenital diseases and complications of pregnancy. Provides neonatal care and care for preterm infants and sick children.

STRUCTURE of  obstetric and gynecological complex

Наименование структурных подразделений Количество коек
1. Admission Office
2. Department of pathology of pregnant women 40
3. Obstetric department № 1 (operating post) 25
4. Obstetric department № 2 30
5. 1-gynecology 30
6 2-gynecology (cost accounting + operating unit) 15
6. Department for nursing preterm and sick newborns with the intensive care unit 6