Conducted master class “Visual assessment of blood loss and first aid for obstetric bleeding”

At the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 2, all students who come to the cycle are trained using a wide range of interactive teaching methods. In particular, today at our department a master class was held on the topic “Visual assessment of blood loss and first aid for obstetric bleeding.” A visual assessment of blood loss was carried out with the participation of 6th year students and masters, and the results were presented to students in the form of a presentation. At Stage 2, a simulation game was conducted for students and the students demonstrated how a general practitioner in a primary care facility can provide first aid for obstetric bleeding. During the master class, the teachers used the methods of “Briefing (explanation to students, and instruction) and Debriefing” (analysis of the assistance provided by students). The master class made a good impression on the students.





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